Friday, September 30, 2011

The Effects of Losing: Previewing Week 4

Losing can have a damning effect on people in fantasy football leagues. I don't know personally, that shit doesn't really happen with my squads, but it's what I heard. And it's showing in our very own Haus League.

Case number 1 - Bougie Banton. Quick question: What do you do to get pumped up for a battle? For even the most mundane of tasks? Me? Lately I've been staying with that Killa Kyleon "Candy Paint and Texas Plates 2." Tell me this doesn't get you amped...

What if I want to mix it up? Maybe rock with some Waka, some Mr. M'fin Exquire, or even some Gangsta Gibbs. What's Bougie do? The exact opposite. With a straight face, Mz. Banton got emo fresh with us on the league board and dropped this -

Really, Bougie? You went crying Beans on us? If this is your theme song this weekend then I anticipate nothing but cloudy days and disappointment. Emo Beans when he still was in the Roc fold.

With that type of mood, I completely co-sign the ESPN line of Skillshare by 7.5. I'd bump it to 15 if Malcolm and Mike didn't start the bum juice that is BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

I'm making two predictions:
  1. Skillshare 117, Bougie 98
  2. The below song will be next week's motivation music for Bougie

Case number 2 - The Re Up Gang. Sometimes losing can be fruitful. Bad drafts lead to terrible lineups, no viable running backs, and exceptional music. Everyone agrees, Pusha T murdered it on "Don't Fuck With Me." The silver lining to this prelude to Fear of God 2? Miss Info thinks Pusha is going at a couple people but we in the league know the real deal, and I'm fine with 4:06 of Pusha openly questioning how Quizno's assembles a team. Some say it's a bit much, I say it's well earned when a team has to start Nate Burleson in the flex position with a straight face.

It's pretty simple. Eddie should never be a 19.5 favorite with his current team. I love Mike Vick, but he's a snap away from the Eagles having Mike Kafka do Kafkaesque things. We do still love Megatron, though. But what ESPN is really talking about is Re Up's team. Can't wait for the next track going at the worldwide leader for besmirching your boys (Fear of God 3?).

Prediction: Cytherea's Ark 111, Re Up Gang 89

Now to those matchups involving teams that are not 100% defeated.

I'll be honest. The G Series, helmed by Gatorade marketer Mike Smith, is a known entity to me. Pause. I'm saying, he and I have been playing in the same fantasy leagues for a bunch of years now. And usually he's decent and talks like he's the man. This season, in this league, his words may actually ring true. And that stinks because this dude is insufferable in describing how good his boys are. With ESPN projecting a line of -60 (WTF), I see little hope for Cats with Gats. Rodgers may equal Stafford numbers-wise, the Cats lose their biggest weapon and have to rely on Reggie Bush, currently in his second childhood. Yikes. The Cats only real shot lies in G Series' reliance on Mark Ingram as a starter. We all know how well that can work out.

Prediction: G Series 138, Cats with Gats 103

I'm an unabashed homer. There's no need for a stat breakdown, a link to a witty picture (maybe another creepy one, though), or any thought really. The writing is pretty much on the wall for this one.

Prediction: BMore Careful 173, Isenberg 90

LTD got a W. They're getting down extra special tonight to celebrate. Mention LTD's win over Re Up Gang and you get to purchase your own drinks all night. Can't beat that.

In week 4, they're the favorite, by a sizable 20.5 And Hawaii Mike is pumped. It's written all over his face.

Had to use that one more time. Anyway, I see this one holding up as forecasted. Wait. Just looked at the players. No fricking chance. Complex comes back this week with a W as Schaub, McCoy, and Dez prove the difference. No way LTD gets to 124 with Marshawn, Brandon Gibson, and Devin Hester. No chance.

Prediction: Complex 117, LTD 101

Lando escaped in Week 3. Kept Bougie down. I don't see his luck continuing. Not with Britt down, a tough matchup for Arian, and Julio Jones getting burn. One positive could be Lando's Bucs D gets to host the Curtis Painter show. That may be 20+ this week. And terrible to watch. On Foursquare's side, Naveen is going to need Deion Branch to actually get a catch this week. But with Brees, Fred Jackson, and Run DMC going, all should be well.

Prediction: Foursquare 109, Lando 88

Back next week to see that I nailed all 6 predictions (and underestimated how many points my team would put up). Have a great weekend.

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  1. Prime, Perform, Recover! G Series rallies around a big time injury to Jammal Charles and gets after people.